CGDS Multidisciplinary Journal (CGDSMJ)

This Journal focuses on the multidisciplinary subject of worldwide research for academic purposes. This Journal must be of quality for the interest of the international readership context. The aim of the journal to

1. To provide quality research data to learners for social benefits.

2. To create a perfect research team for social welfare benefits through sharing their research knowledge.

3. To improve new research for the youngster and future benefits.

Publication details

Ø Frequency: Three issues per year (January, May, September)

Ø Related Subject: Multidisciplinary

Ø The author must send an original research paper and free Plagiarism.

Ø The article must have a font size of 12 (Times New Roman) with 3000 to 4000 words

Ø The article should be in APA (American Psychological Association) format and list citations.

Ø The author should follow the article uploading format: https://forms.gle/bj7zzERv54Kp6uyZ6